"In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally as reading or writing."

- Oliver Sacks, Columbia University

Music changed my life.

Begin at the beginning

My family loved listening to music in our home and in the car.  We had all types of music from heavy metal to country to pop to rap.

The start of something

I first began playing trumpet when I entered the 6th grade. It wasn't my first choice of instrument, but like all kids do at that age, I followed a friend into the brass section. That began my musical journey.

Marching to a different beat

Once I hit high school I began working with the marching band and really began to hone my skills and stretch my musical muscles.  I made many musical memories and allies, as well as a few enemies.

Strum a few chords

I was in ninth grade when I started to seriously try to play the guitar. We had some around our house, so I gave it a shot.  Before long, there was a band and we were writing our own music.  It was good.  But don't ask me about the rap career...

Sing like you mean it

"Wait, Chorus is music too? I can sing!"  And I did sing my way into the honor chorus which won national awards for multiple years.  We went on cruises, to New York City, Florida and Georgia.  Those times were amazing.

Music as a career

The only thing I wanted to do in college was music. Luckily, there are careers in music. I am currently a music educator and I am spreading my love of music to the next generation.